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During the past two months I have been busy designing several new pistons configurations for the A112 and PBS 8P cylinder heads.  The new designs concentrate on the gas flow in the cylinder under "squish conditions".  The idea being to direct the gas flow turbulence toward the spark plug area.

The idea is to supply a smooth "ramp/shelf" for the high speed air flow to channel it to the spark plug area.

This is the fourth generation of piston development.  Included in this design are features such as reduced skirt surface, peripheral gas ported top ring land, gas expansion slot between top and second ring, and low tension 2.5mm oil control ring.  Pistons can be ordered as aluminum forged units, or further enhanced with Bakaert-Sorevi "Cavidur B" DLC coated piston skirts and piston pins. 

This design was tested in conjunction with several different valve angle configurations.  This included the conventional 45 deg. seat angle, as well as more radical angles such as 50, 52, and 55 degrees.  SIgnificant improvement in both air-flow and BMEP were found using  50 deg. seat angle on the intake valve, and a 52 deg. seat angle on the exhaust valve. 


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