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For some time good replacement cam drive components have been very difficult to find.  I am please to announce that Scuderia Topolino has now reproduce many of the items required to rebuild this area of the Bialbero motors.  These new sprockets have been machined from SAE 8620 steel.  All teeth are "broached" and deburred, and heat treated to Rc60 for long service wear.


Cam Sprockets  USD$167 each - Aux. Shaft Sprockets USD$162 each - Idler sprocket USD$110 each - Tensioner Sprocket USD$112 each - Camshaft timing pin USD$31 each - Camshaft Timing Pin Captive Disc USD $44 each - Camshaft Bolt USD$18.50 each - Needle Roller Bearing for Idler/Tensioner Sprocket USD$14.

Also available are Auxilairy Shafts for both the 750 and 1 litre motors.

Auxiliary Shaft (750cc Bialbero) USD$156 - Gear for 750 Aux Shaft USD$126* - Dowel Drive Pin for 750 Aux. Shaft USD$21

Axiliary Shaft (1 litre Bialbero) USD$198 - Oil Pump Gear for 1 Litre Aux. Shaft USD $166* - Roller Bearing Housing USD$94*  - Large Retaining Nut USD$44* - Replacement Roller Bearing USD$45* - Distributor Drive Gear USD$$200*

* - Items available but now shown in photo.

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