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Dynamometer Test FIA 1 litre motor with A112A1000 cylinder head with GEN4 combustion chamber.
The car/engine has now been tested.  Engine is FIA legal 997cc motor (65.5mm bore-74mm stroke) with homologated intake manifold and single Weber 36DCD7 carburetor with 30mm chokes, and Abarth style exhaust system. 
Only one problem was encountered, namely - Exhaust Noise !!!.
They started testing with the normal exhaust header (FIA regulations) and a muffler that the car owner normally uses to meet the local 95-100 db noise regulations.
Result test #1 – 89 HP @ 7500 RPM at rear wheels (102.4 flywheel HP).   From  4200 to 7500 rpm it gave 114 Nm (84 lb/ft) torque, but not in a straight line.  
Note: The noise the exhaust gave was MUCH louder than on previous engine with standard Fiat cylinder head and they could hear that the engine couldn't breathe well enough with the muffler at higher RPM.  The muffler was removed  and the engine tested once more, with only exhaust manifold mounted up to the merge collector, without a tailpipe .
Result test #2 – 92.5 HP @ 7500 RPM at the rear wheels (106.4 flywheel HP). From 4200 to 7500 rpm it gave 114 newton meter (84 lb/ft) but NOW in a straight line.
The motor was not tested above 7500 RPM due to the noise, however it was still pulling strong at this point. With a flat torque curve, there is every indication that the HP would continue to rise well above 8000 RPM.. 
Final comment by builder/owner – “ The engine is running so fine and smooth, as never seen on any of the other engines I have built or tested.”
NOTE:  This head was supplied complete to the customer and mounted on a customer supplied bottom end.  Testing was done at the same facility that he normally uses and therefore the results are directly comparable.
I can incorporate the GEN4 combustion chamber in either standard Fiat castings (FIat 850 or A112) or as part of the PBS 8P cylinder head.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

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